Your start in the competitive scene of Battlefield. Improve your skill, knowledge and aim while playing in our Pick Up Games





508 - ZIEK

441 - MnKlane

411 - ToMaSi--x

326 - Jimmy_BF

267 - ZoldiK

563 - SkillZz_AiiM

539 - Mo7_7ameed

521 - ToMaSi--x

422 - Timmetje15

374 - Wolves_fever

788 - Covyy

709 - Robson-lll

684 - Mo7_7ameeD

530 - ALPHA_____Evo

432 - ToMaSi---x


Please use English at all times in all the general chats!


If you would like a seperate channel for you to talk your own language, let us know! When communicating in the Discord server or on PS, remember other Members have lives outside the Community.


Harassment towards anyone for any reason (unresponsiveness, disagreement, etc.) will not be tolerated and can result in muting, suspension, or expulsion from the Community.


Only one discord account allowed per player.



When you join the queue, it is expected of you that you are ready to play for as long as you are in the queue.

If you aren't able to play any more, you must leave the queue. If the game has already started and you are not able to play.

When you are not able to play the game, you have to find a substitution.


-> In case your team lost, you will receive the full loss penalty.

-> In case your team won, you won't gain any points but you won't lose points either.

The substitute player will be the first person in the queue. If the 1st one does not respond, ask 2nd one and etc.

Enemy captain has to accept one of the alternatives before substitute can enter server. If he doesn't, that game will be canceled.

Players that are substituted will now also lose 10 points in case they lost the match.

If the player / substitute only played for one side, he won't lose any points.


Player joined the queue but doesn't show up.

Player who is captain but doesn't invite his team after the game is announced / picked or he prevents them from joining the party chat for various reasons.

Player leaves the match during the game.

Players is captain but doesn't choose / pick.

Players who join the community server and / or party chat (once they got invited) 10 minutes after the game announcement was made.

After each rule break, the punishment will be harsher until finally a permanent ban from playing.