Donald Townsend

Greetings everyone! I am Skateaction, the resident “old man” around here. Midwestern small town, born and raised! I cut my teeth on the Nintendo Entertainment System and have been hooked ever since. I have been a Blizzard fan boy since Diablo and Starcraft, with way too many hours on vanilla WoW.

In my day job, I am saving the environment by keeping old IT equipment out of landfills. My younger years consisted of a lot of time spent at skating rinks and being a competitive roller skater. Also, Pitbull and I have never been seen together at the same time.

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General No Nips

Max Goins

Hey I'm General No Nips, the better looking half of the casting duo, No Aim and No Brain. I make obscure references with a hint of sarcasm. Just a small town boy living in a lonely world. If you don't see me on Xbox I'm likely watching some La Rams, STL Cardinals, or Indiana Pacers games.

I first started out with a PS1 playing some Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. My first online experience was on Xbox 360 as that annoying 12 year old squeaker on MW2. I like long walks on the beach, peanut butter, and ladies, in that order.

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